European Green India Summit EUGIS'16 - Policy, Trade, Infrastructure, Energy Technology, Smart Cities of Tomorrow: Made For India With Europe
18.05.16, Auditorium, Universität Liechtenstein

Green Summit 2016 - Regionale Zukunft der Nachhaltigkeit: 30 führende Initiativen stellen sich vor im grünen Bodenseemarkt
17.05.16, Auditorium, Universität Liechtenstein (in german)

Zukunftsforum Bodensee 2030
15. April 2016, Friedrichshafen (in german)

Past Events

Bodensee 2030
Regional Foresight-Workshop for Spatial Planners

Wednesday, 4.11.15, Hörsaal 6, Universität Liechtenstein

Green Summit 2014
6-7.06.14 Universität Liechtenstein


Our twin symposium is dedicated to two themes:  "Region of the Future", a public forum about sustainable planning and development; and "Business of Today", a networking event for enterprises, users, investors, media and all other people interested in sustainable products and services. 
On the evening of 6 June the winners of this year’s Zurich Climate Prize will be presented, and the new call for submissions announced.

ENERGY VISIONS A Year Since Fukushima
18.03.2013-23.03.2013 Constance

3rd Bodensee Symposium, 2013
28.02.2013 and 01.03.2013, Constance [Press release]

Blue-Tech 2012
13-15.09.2012 Casinotheater und Neumarkt, Winterthur

Liechtenstein Congress on Responsible Development & Investment 2012
2-4.05.12 University of Liechtenstein 

Liechtenstein Congress on Responsible Development & Investment 2010
16-18.09.10 University of Liechtenstein


International Doctoral Colloquium on Sustainable Development: dokonara

University of Liechtenstein

Public Launch: Renewable Spatial Planning - Regions powered by renewable energy
>>Download the presentation [15MB pdf in German]


> Launch of the  IBH-Cooperation Project Lake Constance Alpen Rhine Energie Region (BAER)

> Launch of the research pilot Renewable Liechtenstein (EL) 

> Presentation of the new book '100% Renewable - Energy Autonomy in Action', published by Prof P. Droege, Earthscan Publishing London. Book launch Hansjörg Hilti, Head of Architecture and Planning Institute.

02.12.09, 6 - 7:30pm, University of Liechtenstein Auditorium

Dr.Martin Meyer, stellv. Regierungschef und Wirtschaftsminister
"Future Energy Politics- Paths towards Energy Vision 2020"

Welcome: Prof. Dipl. Arch. TU Hansjörg Hilti, Dean of the Institute of Architecture and Planning, Prorector of the University of Liechtenstein. Introduction: Prof Peter Droege (University of Liechtenstein) with partner schools and their experts, Prof Rolf Wüstenhagen (HSG/Uni St Gallen), Prof Thomas Stark (HTWG Konstanz), Prof Susanne Kytzia (HS Rapperswil), and Prof Franz Baumgartner (ZHAW Winterthur).