Liechtenstein Congress 2013: Sustainable Space Summit
06.06.2013-07.06.2013 University of Liechtenstein

The Sustainable Space Summit is part of the successful Liechtenstein Congress series, which has been held at the University of Liechtenstein since 2008.

This event with the very best experts from the region and around the world is dedicated to sustainable architecture and planning, property and infrastructure development.

On the evening of 6 June the winners of this year’s Zurich Climate Prize will be introduced, and the new call for submissions announced.

Past Events

Blue-Tech 2012
13-15.09.2012 Casinotheater und Neumarkt, Winterthur

Liechtenstein Congress on Responsible Development & Investment 2012
2-4.05.12 University of Liechtenstein 

Liechtenstein Congress on Responsible Development & Investment 2010
16-18.09.10 University of Liechtenstein


International Doctoral Colloquium on Sustainable Development: dokonara

University of Liechtenstein

Public Launch: Renewable Spatial Planning - Regions powered by renewable energy
>>Download the presentation [15MB pdf in German]


Dr.Martin Meyer, stellv. Regierungschef und Wirtschaftsminister
"Future Energy Politics- Paths towards Energy Vision 2020"

Welcome: Prof. Dipl. Arch. TU Hansjörg Hilti, Dean of the Institute of Architecture and Planning, Prorector of the University of Liechtenstein. Introduction: Prof Peter Droege (University of Liechtenstein) with partner schools and their experts, Prof Rolf Wüstenhagen (HSG/Uni St Gallen), Prof Thomas Stark (HTWG Konstanz), Prof Susanne Kytzia (HS Rapperswil), and Prof Franz Baumgartner (ZHAW Winterthur).

6pm - 7:30pm, University of Liechtenstein Auditorium

> Launch of the  IBH-Cooperation Project Lake Constance Alpen Rhine Energie Region (BAER)

> Launch of the research pilot Renewable Liechtenstein (EL) 

> Presentation of the new book '100% Renewable - Energy Autonomy in Action', published by Prof P. Droege, Earthscan Publishing London. Book launch Hansjörg Hilti, Head of Architecture and Planning Institute.